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Scope US optics Tracking target error

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So got these from the Amazon and fer about $1 a piece I thought that would be worth my time etc etc. So always curios so I measured the target between squares and such and found the bottom square is 3/8” smaller than the rest going up. So if your testing elevation it would come up 3/8 short “every mil up if tracking correct or if not make you there is no error.



i contacted the seller and they refunded my purchase promptly but I did mention if these are out there some one could have a major headache if they do not know and trying to do a tracking test when these are incorrect. Assume it’s broken until you check.


 If you have some of these they will work just keep in mind the bottom rung is smaller and you can correct by making a small mark lower to aim at and measuring from the higher square 3.5925 on your calipers 


Posted : 03/22/2023 4:03 PM
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That could make you chase your tail all day, good catch.

Posted : 03/22/2023 8:29 PM
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Indeed,  Very Good catch!  Never thought to check the targets I use when doing that kind of testing. 

Posted : 03/23/2023 8:25 AM
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