Installation Instructions

Tuner Installation

Watch our tuner installation video to learn how to easily and properly install your tuner. You can also check out the PDFs below for more detailed information including all relevant dimensions and specifications.

Install Original or Tapered EC Tuner behind muzzle device such as muzzle brake or suppressor (pdf)

Install Original or Tapered EC Tuner with no muzzle device (pdf)

Install EC Tuner V2 (pdf)

Install EC Tuner V2S Drawing (pdf)

NextGen EC Tuner Brake install

How to tune an EC Tuner

Install spring on barrel, then washer,
and finally thread tuner on until it is
flush with muzzle. Put a witness
mark on barrel to keep track of
tuner adjustments. Start at 0 and
move up from there when tuning.
Shoot groups in increments of five
on the tuner to find best settings.
Look for two good consecutive
settings, then put tuner in middle of
two best setting for most stable

Bolt Shroud Installation

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