About Cortina Precision

Erik with rifle small

I started shooting at a young age and hunting became my passion. Everything was great until I was invited to go Elk hunting in Colorado. Once I was there, I realized that shots would be long and I was not ready. When I came back home from the hunt empty handed, I decided to learn long range shooting. I looked around and decided that F-Class shooting was a good fit for me.

I started shooting F-Class in 2008 and ended up giving up hunting to compete in F-Class matches. I would spend my entire days thinking about making my rifles more accurate, so I would read everything I could find on the subject. There was not much info back then, so I started testing on my own to figure out what gave me the best results. I used to do everything “the internet” told me to do to my cases, but I found that I did not have the time to do it all, so I started eliminating the things that did not matter to accuracy and started focusing on the things that did. And so began my precision journey.

After many years of frustrating results, I finally figured out what worked and what didn’t and decided to share my knowledge with you all on my YouTube channel. YouTube however has made it hard for people like us to share our knowledge, so I started a Patreon account. Unfortunately, even this has become problematic, hence I decided to create my own website to share what I know with my supporters. cover my PRS reloading process, wind reading, troubleshooting, etc.

I have also developed some products over the years to help me keep my rifles in tune, the first one was my EC Tuner barrel tuner. Since then, I have introduced a tapered variation of it for PRS and F-T/R competitors and lately I introduced my EC Tuner Brake. If you made is this far, I want to say I’m very grateful for your support, so thank you and I hope you find my website informative and helpful.

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