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Are you ready to take your precision shooting to the next level?

Sign up for my forum account for in depth videos about reloading, precision shooting, gear set up, wind reading, etc.  It’s all there.  

I upload one video per week and also do Q&A sessions to answer any technical questions you may have.  

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  • PRS EC Tuner Brake 1.100" diameter ($225.00$240.00)
    reviewed by Greg

    Tried it. Works as advertised. Turned a 1" group into all touching. No real load work up beyond determining maximum charge.

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  • PRS EC Tuner Brake 1.100" diameter ($225.00$240.00)
    reviewed by Dillon Rowley

    Took a factory 6.5 PRC with factory Hornady hunting rounds down to 1/4 MOA. Highly recommended. Simple install and simple tuning. Simple decision, just get one.

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