Cortina Precision Bolt Shroud


(Bergara B14R bolt shroud)
Stainless steel billet construction.
Improves fit and finish compared to factory offerings.
Available in Stainless Steel finish or Nitride finish.
Kit includes replacement spring.

(Remington 700)
We teamed up with Hall of Fame Benchrest shooter and Gunsmith, Thomas (Speedy) Gonzales and incorporated his performance upgrades into these bolt shrouds.  Speedy has used these modifications for many years when he improves the firing controls of factory and custom actions.
Bolt shrouds are a direct replacement for Remington 700 actions and some custom Rem. 700 clone actions.  Bolt shrouds fit short and long actions.
These bolt shrouds have tighter tolerances than factory and most custom action bolt shrouds.
Bolt shrouds are available in matte stainless steel finish and Black Nitride finish.
The kit includes a 24 lb. replacement spring.
Before ordering a Remington 700 Bolt Shroud, measure the inner diameter of the back of the bolt to know which diameter shroud to order.
(Bergara B14 Centerfire)
Bergara b14 Centerfire shroud is compatiable with the B14 series rifles, these shrouds will NOT fit the Premier series rifles.
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Bolt Shroud

Bergara B14 Centerfire, Bergara B14R, Remington 700 Long .502", Remington 700 Long .510", Remington 700 Short .502", Remington 700 Short .510"


Black Nitride, Stainless