Bullet Flow System




The Bullet Flow System is designed to optimize bullet processing with the Dillon 650 and Dillon750 press. This cutting-edge system takes the reloading experience to a new level by ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow from bullet feeding to extraction.

1. Precision Bullet Feeder: The Bullet Flow System features a precision bullet feeding mechanism that delivers a continuous supply of bullets to the Dillon 650/750 press. Its reliable feed system allows reloaders to maintain a steady and productive workflow.

2. Caliber Flexibility: The Bullet Flow System is engineered to handle various bullet calibers with ease. Its adjustable design allows quick and simple caliber changes, catering to the diverse needs of reloaders working on different bullet types.

3. Seamless Processing: Once the bullets are fed into the Dillon 650/750, the Bullet Flow System ensures seamless and accurate processing.

4. Effortless Bullet Extraction: After processing is complete, the Bullet Flow System smoothly extracts the finished bullets from the press. The extraction process is gentle yet efficient, safeguarding the integrity of the processed bullets.

5.  Durable Design: The Bullet Flow System has a robust construction and premium materials ensure durability and reliable performance over extended use.

The Bullet Flow System elevates the reloading experience by combining precision, speed, and convenience into a single streamlined solution.  Whether used by ammunition manufacturers or passionate reloaders, this innovative system maximizes productivity, consistency, and quality, making it an indispensable asset in the world of bullet processing.


Included in the kit:

  • 1 caliber specific bullet holder plate
  • 1 feeder die
  • 1 extractor die
  • 1 bullet extractor die funnel
  • 24″ tubing for extractor funnel
  • 1 Mr. Bullet feeder bullet flipper plate
  • 1 adaptor for bullet feeder die and 12″ acrylic tube for manual bullet feeding.

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22 cal and 6mm, 6.5, 7mm, and 30 cal

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22 cal, 6mm, 6.5mm, 30 cal, 7mm