EC Micro HS FL Sizing Die with Bushings

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6.5 PRC Ⅰ , 7 PRCW Ⅰ- .532 chambers at .200" line. 6.5 PRC Ⅱ, 7 PRCW Ⅱ- .535 chambers at .200" line. To determine bushing size measure the neck diameter of a loaded round and subtract 0.003" Coupled with our mandrels this will give you ~0.002" neck tension.  If you want more neck tension, get a bushing 0.004" under loaded round diameter.

If you purchased a custom EC Micro HS FL Sizing Die, email the reamer print and order number to

If you purchased a custom EC Micro HS Neck bushing add the cartridge and bushing size at checkout under "Order notes" 


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